STATEMENT – 8/19/2018

First off, let me start off this statement with a huge THANK YOU! Thank you to all the fans, the wrestlers, and everyone else who has done anything to support American X Wrestling since it’s inception. AXW could not be around if it were not for you!

I can no longer keep everyone in the dark, especially the awesome AXW fans…

Due to recent occurrences, I must announce that AXW will not be returning. The company has ceased operations.

AXW will no longer hold events and anyone claiming to represent AXW at any other event is doing so without authorization. If you do not see it here on this page, it is simply unauthorized and an attempt to draw attention to their product.

Wrestling in Hamburg is NOT dead. Wrestling in Hamburg WILL return this November, it WILL return in 2019 and it will continue to live on!

This is not just a “business” to me. This is a family – a way of living. I invite you to continue on this journey in professional wrestling with me! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

THANK YOU everyone!

Take care,
Jared Strunk
American X Wrestling

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